One type of suspended ceiling is made up of acoustic ceiling tiles, act, and a stick-built system. Sometimes called a lay-in ceiling, this type of ceiling is versatile, durable, and cost-effective. Also, the ceiling tiles can be removed without damage to the system (grids) so that the above ceiling item can be maintained or serviced. Seen throughout many commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. The act is a popular ceiling material that now has a wide variety of aesthetic (beauty) and design options. Comes in various Types and Sizes,


Vinyl tiles

Mineral fiber / Fiberglass tiles – Drop edge and Straight edge


Aluminum Tiles (Drop edge)

Sizes – 2 x 2 feet and 2 x 4 feet panels.

Key Properties

    • Easy and fast installation
    • Aesthetic appearance
    • Fire and heat resistant
    • Waterproof(vinyl)
    • Cleanable
    • Noise reduction properties


Modular or acoustic ceilings can be installed at health care facilities, food preparation areas, clean rooms, and where a high level of hygiene is required. They are fiber-free, have easy-to-clean surfaces, and do not mold or mildew growth.